more hairpins :D

Ok, here is some more in depth designs of hairpins.  I tried looking for the 60’s 70’s style, but I couldn’t find much. Instead I just made some stuff up.  The design on the harpins are based off the pictures of the zombie world. hairpins made from tera cotta and acrylic.   Hope you like it!

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1 Response to more hairpins :D

  1. dejavoovoo1 says:


    Here’s my feedback for Hairpins. I’d presume that the last one with pattern is drawing my attention. It seems like hairpin with pattern can show the hidden meaning of story. Besides, the pattern might be more remarkable if it isn’t flower pattern but something which can present love story between them or involve with the film. It would be more meaningful. Keep working on it! I love to see more of meaningful pattern!


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