Madam Sunny

Some more information on Madam Sunny. In the story Madam Sunny owns a cosmetics conglomerate named “Immortal”. Madam Sunny is a zombie that has found a way to live forever, sacrificing all of her  humanity for what she believes is eternal beauty. She is unable to change her facial expressions (Botox anyone?) frozen in a state of “beauty”.

Having heard of her legend from the cranky old zombie leader in the zombie world (as a flash back) Zombut decides to google Madam Sunny, only to find out that she is head of an international corporation.  Zombut goes to her in the hope of finding a solution to his rotting body. When he learns he has to give up his humanity in return for eternal life  as a frozen mannequin he turns around and runs out of the company head quarters.

The character is based on the real story of a Thai boy band singer that used cosmetic surgery to become a woman. It is a tragic and sad story.  The story gets us to think about how far we are willing to go to change our outer being based on societal pressures that focus on the outside more than the inside.

Below is a picture of the before and after


We can use this tragic back story to help us flesh out the character. What internal motivation would compel her to make such drastic changes to her body, all for a beautiful image? How can the design have a feminine quality mixed with the masculine? What does she wear and why? What would her office look like based on her back story?

About Aaron Schmidt

Lecturer of 3D Animation at Mahidol University International College in the Fine and Applied Arts Division
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