Aranya is part of a tragic love triangle. Always in the shadows. She doesn’t show up until the zombie world. The story arc of Zombat and Aranya is one of love from afar and not having the courage in the beginning to tell of ones love.

Zombat is in love with Orm but he is a nobody to her. Zombat fell in love with Orm one day when she makes an off hand comment that she likes his plastic toy model. Zombat started to stalk Orm, watching for her with his telescope from his window. Looking for opportunities to follower her when she went out. Zombat saves Orms life by pushing her out of the way of a busses way but gets hit by a car himself. Which led him to the zombie world.

Aranya’s love for Zombat is similar. One day Zombat, without thinking, gives Aranya a pin for her hair. He did it just to be nice to a stranger then he forgot about her. But Aranya never forgot Zombat. She also died trying to save Zombat who was trying to save Orm. She followed Zombat out of the zombie world into the human world helping him in ways he never knew.

Aranya is not cool, she is plain and like antiques. She likes to watch older films, listen to 60-70s music. She is not fashionable and likes it that way.

About Aaron Schmidt

Lecturer of 3D Animation at Mahidol University International College in the Fine and Applied Arts Division
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