Rotten Love

This is a followup from the logo I posted last week. The type is much more distorted and textured– I want this to be very tactile and have the appearance of falling apart.

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1 Response to Rotten Love

  1. Hi Juliana,
    I know Bing has given some feed back already about the world but I would like to add what Thum has said about the logo.

    1. Feels too conventional. The zombie world is a world full of awkward angles and irregular shapes. (See German Expressionism reference)
    2. The letters are too equal and too similar, they need to clearly show they are rotten with big holes and rotting edges.
    3. Thum has sketched an idea he has for the logo, you can continue to develop your idea or if you wish try to develop the sketch further. His idea is that the word LOVE has been eaten out of the heart.

    Keep up the good work!

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