Greetings from the director

Hi Everyone,

First of all, kindly allow me introduce myself as I’m the writer and director of this film, I’m Kongdej Jaturanrasmee. I’m just dropping by this Blog to say hi, and also add a bit more information about this film.

It is truly pleasing to see how active this  Blog is and surprisingly there are quite a few foreigners interested in this Blog and help us post many gratifying images. Those really give  inspiration, especially images from old movies. (I have to emphasis on the point that it suits my test more). I love the way they arrange the compostion and the dimension which look absolutely stunning.

Additionally, somehow I believe an idea about underworld and Normal world would be an unequal distortion. In Zombie’s world there is extreme freedom in distortion where as in normal world it is less likely to twist,  I’m concerning about when we are shooting in Bangkok, the interesting point that we can play around with is supposed to be the scene of “Madam Sunny Beauty Centre”. (I have also attached interesting building images below.)

Besides, do not forget the fact that it’s a film with real actors, So Zombut as Zombie in underworld and as Modified Zombut should not be left far apart until he becomes a different person.

Another important point is the Flashback scene of Zombut and Arunya before death, If you notice carefully that in my book I did not give details of their appearance with reason that I would love to create them as Nobody. Therefore, I might have to figure the way of filming both of them without seeing their face or make them blurry in the film. It’s gon’a be fun!

Lastly, I’m in the process of developing screenplay (umm…evenly). I’ll continue update you guys soon.

Thank you!

Kongdej Jaturanrasmee

Ps.My latest piece of work, new comic book now has been released. Please feel free to support.

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Producer,Production Designer: Rotten Love
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