Greeting from ” Rotten Love ” Producer

Hello everyone, hope you’re doing fine.

I’ve just got time to drop by The Rotten Love Blog, so excited to see your works participated into the project.

Since I have a chance to met Arron and started to discuss about Kongdej’s illustrated book, I can see A.J. Aaron interested in this book, as same as me when I first read. We love the script and we’ve got the faith into the Rotten Love project.

Now, his energy boosts up, all things have been put together. Here, now we have our first web site. Thanks you Aaron.

Kongdej and I will work along with you guys as much as we can, I believe that AJ. Aaron has overall tasks in control from what we try to achieve together.

I wish you all had a good time working in this project. I’ll witness the positive things out of it.

Thank you everyone in advance. Kongdej will join us today as well for his first introductory.

All the Best,


About pawas

Producer,Production Designer: Rotten Love
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