[Bing]‘s sketches of 3 selected scenes

First Scene: Tunnel to the Human World

Like I have written in my older post, the zombie world in my vision is kind of like a desert. As you can see in the top right picture, I designed it like a rocky desert. I make it rocky because I think we can play around with rocks to get an interesting background, or we can also make some props out of it like a seat for example.

My design of Zombat, Aranya, and Elderly Zombie does not change much from the book. I make Aranya’s hair a bit more messy. Zombat, just like in the book, has an opened head showing a part of his brain. He also has a hole in his belly, and a teared mouth. For the Elderly Zombie, I gave him a stick with a small skull on top. He has many cobwebs sticking around his clothes just like what the book said to represent that he lives in the world for a long time.

The tunnel that links Zombie World with Human World is located among tall rocks, so it looks like a special place that even new comers like Zombat and Aranya know. The tunnel entrance in my vision is a big hole similar to the land damaged by a meteor, but this tunnel’s bottom is not to be seen because of darkness.

Second Scene: Mysterious Dummy in front of Zombat’s Room

A mysterious dummy is abandoned at the trash area in front of Zombat’s room. It is later reveal that this dummy is brought to Zombat by Aranya.

Again, my character design does not change much from the book except for Aranya. In my version, Aranya has a lot bigger eyes. She also has a hairpin which Zombat gave her a long time ago. Zombat’s design is the same to the book. Aom has twintails like she does in the book. Her eyes are different from the book actually.

I have drawn this Dummy scene in many different angles.

#1 I think I should draw a full body Zombat here. He looks too sneaky here.

#2 This is an over-the-shoulder shot. Zombat is looking at the dummy in the dump. Shifting focus and panning would make this scene more clear. Actually, the tall wall in the back is not right. Zombat’s room is not on ground level as he can watch Aom from above. Having a tall wall on the second or upper floor is a bit weird to me.

#3 This angle includes Aranya who is hiding. However, we cannot clearly see Zombat and the dummy. Maybe we can use this shot after #1 / #2.

Third Scene: Zombat broke apart in the Halloween Party

In this scene, Zombat won the Halloween Costume Competition. People gathered around him and threw him into the air. In the air, Zombat saw Aom kissing with Chalerm. Zombat cried, and his body broke apart in the mid air. Everything went black afterwards.

Zombat dressed very normal in this scene. (T-shirt and Jeans) However, he does not cover his rotten face with his materials in this scene. Aom wore a devil horn, and Chalerm dressed like Count Dracula. ….. Oops, Aom’s eyes are different from the picture before.

I tried to think of other shot angle for this scene, but there is no better angles than these two which are drawn in the book. We can start with the low angle shot then cut to the top view one. I think if we can have Zombat flying in slow motion, this scene will be a lot more dramatic.

I think… that’s all for today.

Thank you.

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