Logo sketch

This is a quick logo sketch I created. It’s a simple typographic treatment. Ultimately, I would want illustrative elements to be added. The logo appears to be disintegrating, like a zombie does when it reaches the zombie world.

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2 Responses to Logo sketch

  1. Hi Julianna,
    I like your idea to of the logo appearing to disintegrate like a zombie in the zombie world (and real world). What kind of elements would you add? How will you show it disintegrating?

    Cool concept looking forward to seeing the development.

  2. jul1anna says:

    Hi Aaron, I am continuing to disintegrate the type, so that it has a very tactile effect– as though the grime and dust from the zombie world are clinging to the words. I would like to use the overall color palette from the zombie world– at this point, I have an idea of dark greys and browns, with deep reds and purples to provide contrast and depth.

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