Resolution: Landscape 3600 x 2400 portrait 2400 x 3600

Media: Free to use any media that you are comfortable with be it Photoshop, Illustrator, watercolors, color pencils, acrylics etc…

File type: Works in progress should be posted as jpeg

Final artwork saved as highest quality jpeg

Delivery: All work should be posted on the rottenlovethemovie website.


ML01: Movie Logo

Developing the logo for the movie the English name is Rotten Love and the Thai name is รักเปื่อย

PP01: Press package design

Design the press package, to be used to present to the investors let me know.


CH1: Sombut first arrived at zombie world

Description: This is the scene when Sombut was first arrived in zombie world, Aranya then was the one who come to Sombut and tell him that he is now zombie. As Sombut was surprising and stunning, he asked Aranya what happened to him but the elderly zombie was the one who answered him. The elderly zombie then told him everything about this zombie world.

Setting: zombie world

Characters: Sombut, Aranya and elderly zombie

CH2: Confession scene

Description: This scene is considered as the end of the story, when Sombut finally told Aom that he loved her. But Aom hates the way Sombut looks, all those rotten arms and smelly legs. Finally, Sombut pulled out his heart that still beating and show it to Aom. Aom then rejected and Sombut is decayed into small pieces.

Setting: Sombut’s room

Characters: Aom and Sombut

CH3: Mall of Madam Sunny

Description: This is the scene when Sombut went to the mall named “Immortal” to see Madam Sunny, the one that used to live in zomebie world. Immortal mall is the place for the beauty with the slogan “Wanna live forever with me?”. Sombut then meets madam Sunny and realized that her face was fake, probably made up of something like those model and figure that Sombut used to play in his room.

Setting: Immortal Mall

Characters: Madam Sunny, Sombut

NA01: “Mystery Mannequin”

Character(s) in the scene: Zombat

Setting: Zombat’s room (After Dead)

When Zombat’s body is getting rotten so much and he cannot go outside. One day, he hears some noises from outside his room. When he takes a look outside, he sees a mannequin from nowhere. He thinks that this would help him, so he secretly grab it inside his room. After that his room will be full of mannequins and more paints and tools. He uses this last chance to make up like human and go to the Immortal.

NA02: “Aranya meets Zombat”

Character(s) in the scene: Aranya

Setting: Walking Street

Aranya goes to Walking Street on the day she first meets Zombat. She is choosing a hairpin. Once she finds the one she likes, she is going to get it but someone picks it up before her. He realizes that she wants the same one, so he gives it back. However, Aranya notices that she lose her purse, she gives the hairpin back to the seller and runs out finding her purse.

NA03 “Halloween Party”

Character(s) in the scene: Aom, Zombat, Chaliang, and guests

Setting: Disco Club

Aom invites Zombat to Halloween party where everyone dresses in fancy cloth. In my opinion, I think the party was arranged in somewhere like a disco club because of the disco ball in the story. Zombat sees that it is his chance to go see Aom again with no necessary to put any make up on. Once, he goes there, he becomes a center of attention with his rotten body and a hole at the stomach.

B01: Zombat entering the tunnel.

Description: This scene is when Aranya brought Zombat to the tunnel, which links the zombie and the human world. The moment that I picked is when Zombat asked Aranya’s name before entering the tunnel.

Location: Zombie World

Characters: Zombat and Aranya

B02: Zombat finds a dummy in front of his room.

Description: This scene is when Zombat ran out of his body material, and his body continued to rot. One day, he heard a sound outside of his room. He opened the door to take a look and found that there was a dummy in front of his room.

Location: In front of Zombat’s room

Characters: Zombat and Aranya (hidden)

B03: Zombat breaks apart in the Halloween Party

Description: After Zombat won the Halloween costume contest, people congratulated him by throwing him up into the air. At this moment, Zombat saw Orm and Chalerm kissing in the dark. His heart was broken, and his body broke apart in the air.

Location: Halloween Party in the Night Club

Characters: Zombat and People

F01: the Zombie world where they each live on their own place

It’s not in the heaven or in the hell..where all zombies sit doing nothing and waiting to be rotten. They are all sitting still on a very dirty rock.

Location: zombie world, dark and dirty.

Character(s) in the scene: Zombat (Aranya and zombies as extra)

F02 :  Running scene for Sombat as zombie version in the human world

Zombat runs away from people who are running to catch him as a zombie. I think the camera angle should be a little distorted. and Sombat has to run pass the big truch as suddenly there’re lots of boxes falling down (by Aranya)

Location: in the small valley

Character(s) in the scene: Zombat, Arunya, and people chasing Zombat

F03: First time in the human world in zombie form

Zombat is found the way back to the real world from the garbage bin. the garbage bin is located on a very crowned place beside a bus station.

Location: really crowded place

Character(s) in the scene: Zombat

About Aaron Schmidt

Lecturer of 3D Animation at Mahidol University International College in the Fine and Applied Arts Division
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