[Natcha] Selected Scenes from “The Cabinet of Dr.Caligori” and “Night of Living Dead””

From The Cabinet of Dr. Caligori

I really like the opening of this scene, where they have matte painting for their town as the background. This can be adjust to use for zombie world or distorted real world.

This is the scene that continues from the previous picture. It reveals foreground and middle-ground with a depth on the road.

This is one of my favourite scene. The scene before this one is where he was standing in front of many people but when it came to this scene, everything around him turned into pitch black and dark. It makes the audiences feel tenser and isolated him from the others.
I think it can be use in many scenes in Rotten Love when he talks to himself or at the zombie world.

The next scene has a great design of buildings and compositions. I love the way they create the white spike light on the floor. One thing I recognize from this movie is they always use an iris or objects near the edges and borders of the film and brighten the center to make a main focus on actors.

The following picture is like an example of inversion from the previous one. The surrounding is white and the center is black. I think these two similar scenes can be use for making contrast in the movie — for example, Sombat’s room and Orm’s house or zombie world and real world. Moreover, I really like the sphere light bulb at the top of the scene. It looks like the moon to me. I’d like to put this light in Sombat room after he came back from death to resemble the moon, one who wants to shine covering the ugly skin.

These two pictures below is shown how they distort the buildings in their world.

Also, these are another two pictures that can be references for zombie world.

This scene reminds me when Aranya stalks Sombat everywhere he goes. The shadow is bigger than the person and the person is dark… (how can we do that?)

The next scene is quite interesting. The path is leaning up and leads to somewhere high above. This idea can be adjust and uses when Sombat is going to Halloween Party, where he’ll be accept by everyone and fall apart after he was thrown up.

Another scene, I chose because I like the floor, which leads focus to center, and the three arc doors on the left. It’s almost like how I want to design the interior mansion for the halloween party.

And the last one I chose from The Cabinet of Dr. Caligori is the scene where they’re going to Dr. Caligori’s room. I like the vine-liked painting on the wall that reach to the black distorted door. We can use this for Sombat’s front door where he founded mannequins.

From Night of The Living Dead

When I watch this movie, I think of Orm’s house and her emotions because the main actress here reminds me of Orm’s similar personality.

The first scene I chose is when she ran back in the house. Inside the house, it looks pretty dark with 2 main lights from the windows, I think. But outside the house is still at noon, or not dark yet. The darkness here might refer to her fear. It’s really interesting, yet I wonder if this can be use in the movie.

This house gives me the feeling of Orm’s house, somehow rich family but not that wealthy.

Another scene of this house is the following picture. But this time, it reminds me of Sombat’s room, where there are lots of stuffs in the room sticking out from everywhere in the foreground.

This is an oblique shot where we sees zombies walk by from inside a car. I think this scene can be a reference for the movie when Sombat woke up at zombie world, there’s not much light and he was laying on the ground, looking up at other zombies.

The next scene has a great setup of light. I can imagine when Orm says “Eww..” and looked down to Sombat’s heart with disgusting feeling. This kind of light can be adjust for this particular scene.

If there’s anything in your mind, feel free to comment and suggest 🙂

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