3 more scenes: Fern

F01: the Zombie world where they each live on their own place

Character(s) in the scene: Sombat (Aranya and zombies as extra)
Setting: zombie world, dark and dirty.
When it’s not in the heaven or in the hell..where all zombies sit doing nothing and waiting to be rotten. They are all sitting still on a very dirty rock.

F02 :  Running scene for Sombat as zombie version in the human world

Character(s) in the scene: Sombat, Arunya, and people chasing Sombat

Setting: in the small valley

when Sombat runs away from people who are running to catch him as a zombie. I think the camera angle should be a little distorted. and Sombat has to run pass the big truch as suddenly there’re lots of boxes falling down (by Aranya)

F03: First time in the human world as the zombie form

Character(s) in the scene: Sombat
Setting: really crowded place

when Sombat is found the way back to the real world from the garbage bin. the garbage bin is located on a very crowned place beside a bus station.

Fern Vipavee Jittisatianporn

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