5 chosen scenes from The cabinet of Dr.Caligari (by Cheewapong)

In this scene, the face is going very well with the half-circular frame and also the face looks very mysterious. When I first looked at this scene, I think that this type of face and frame effect can be used with zombie face very well.

I like the way they draw the perspective. Although, it looks wrong but it feels very unique.

This type of killing scene frequently seen in old movies. So, I think if the director wants the look of the film to be old. I think this type “Shadow scene” can be used in Rotten love, for instance, the scene that Sombut decays in small pieces.

The background is very attractive because there are many repeating shapes in this scene, such as the door and the pattern of the floor. It gives the feeling of dizziness, which I think Rotten Love should have some of the dizziness scene.

when I look at this scene, it makes me feel that the character looks very powerful, brave, very outstanding, huge and amaze

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