Scene1: The scene from page 56..not in the heaven or in the hell..where all zombies sit doing nothing and waiting to be rotten.

The colour should be dull and dark. there should not have any light source from the top…but it should be from below…i guess maybe its from far far below the hell. The colour is better to be ‘brown’ earth tone. there’ll be some fog from down below. I cant find the photo reference for this scene its just come up into my thought when i first read it.

Scene2: from the page 195. when Sombat runs away from people who are running to catch him as a zombie. I think the camera angle should be like the picture below.

Because Sombat is running from the Halloween party, i think the area outside should be in the city, not too suburb but also not too civilised. It shouldnot set on the big street.

Scene3: from the page 64-65 when Sombat is found the way back to the real world from the garbage bin. It should located in the city like Anuchsaowareechai Monument circle. Because it is the centre of Bangkok.

The mood and tone: I think it should be earth and warm tone colour. It’s not a scary movie, but drama-romantic. When the characters are inlove should be in soft color, have vignette and like dreaming tone..

Sombat’s room should be orange warm tone. orange is also the colour of obsession. In fact is the colour that can make people crazy.

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2 Responses to References-Fern

  1. Thanks for posting Fern!!!

  2. thestiltsofdeath says:

    Fern, I was wondering. Are you picturing this scene with once large earth mass, or a bunch of cliffs with voids in between?

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