References for Selected Scenes (By Bing)

Scene1: Sombat entering the tunnel.

In my opinion, I think the zombie world should look like a rocky desert with desaturated color and dark sky. Also, I think there is no building or plant in this world. However, zombies wear clothes.

The author talked a lot about being decayed, so I come up with the idea of nature which ground decays dead body. I use desert because it gives the feeling of being abandoned like how Sombut is.

As Rotten Love will be a romantic movie, I think Sombat and other zombies should not look too terrifying. They should be lovable characters, and people can look at them without having bad feelings. Therefore, the zombie in my opinion will be more like mummy. However, I will try to combine mummy’s looks, which are not so scary for me, with zombie’s, which has more fleshes.

The tunnel that links humans’ and zombies’ world. In my opinion, the tunnel entrance should be on the floor for Sombat to jump in. I think it would be more dramatic when he left Aranya. It gives the feeling that he is not going to come back. Inside the tunnel is the vortex and a light. As Sombat reached the light he found himself coming out of the trash can.


Scene2: Sombat finds a dummy in front of his room.

The garbage in front of Sombat’s room, in my opinion, should not be too messy as Sombat is not a dirty person. We can use things that looks clean like boxes and trash bags. The dummy that was left there should be a good-looking male dummy like it is in the book.

Below are otaku’s desks that may be used as Sombat’s desk.

Many figures on the back. However, Sombut does not have that many computers.

Figures on the shelf and desk.

This one is my favourite. It looks like Sombat really have them as his friends.


Scene 3: Sombat breaks apart in the Halloween Party

I think the halloween party should be in a big hall. (Maybe not as big as in the picture) It has a stage like it is in the book. It is also crowded with teenagers. The should be some Halloween decorations around the room. It may not have a disco ball like in the book, but I think colored lights can be used instead.


That’s all for today.

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