Reference images (by Cheewapong)

1st scene: zombie world (Sombut first arrived at zombie world)

This is the reference image for the zombie, when Sombut is first arrived. The place that he first arrive will look like a theatre or opera ground where others zombie will sitting in the seats and watch Sombut arriving

2nd scene: Sombut room (Confession)

“Sombut room, the image comes from Otaku’s room, which full of figures and comic sbooks”

In this scene, there are melting of Sombut heart invloved, so I decided to do some research on melting. In terms of melting, i try to think of the today’s object, food or thing that similar to heart that can melt, so i choose ice-cream and chocolate as my reference.

Also, there will be decaying of Sombut body invlove, so I decide to look for the real human skin when it decay. I realized that there are many wounds invloves.

3rd scene: Madam of Sunny Mall

For Madam Sunny’s mall, the building architect itself will be not very big and a little bit dirty. In my opinion, clinic is my best reference because when I read the Madam Sunny mall part, I directly think of clinic. However, for the interior, there will be many seats and Madam Sunny’s posters and slogan.

I also did some research on Madam Sunny’s face, what and how will her face looks like. From this picture, you will see that the smile isn’t a real smile, it’s like a surgery smile or a fake smile.

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1 Response to Reference images (by Cheewapong)

  1. Cheewapong. That is a scary scary face you have there!!!!

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