[Natcha] Reference Images


For the first scene that I chose, it is Sombat’s room after he got mannequins from someone. His room needs to have lots of figures, paint tools, reference books (manga and illustration books), and the used mannequins. I want a part of his room looks messy like in the following pictures (but not this messy).

Some figures are on the shelfs and some in the cabinets.

Tools he uses,

Everything will be add more in the original set design to make it more realistic 🙂


The second scene that I chose is when Aranya meets Sombat in the real world (before they got an accident). She meets him on the walking street where university students sell handmade products. It might be a little scene but it’s important as one of major events in the story. I think that this is the place where it can have a reference of Thai feelings and sceneries. I’ll use JJ market as a reference because there are many handmade shops where always fill with people (I’ll go there and take photos by myself later on).

The hairpin shop


The last scene is located when Sombat went into a Halloween Party.
I want to make it looks like they are in a club that have a feel of old English mansion with the disco ball on the ceiling.


If there’s anything not right, feel free to comment and suggest me 🙂
Thank you,


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2 Responses to [Natcha] Reference Images

  1. Great start Meow, I wonder if it would be helpful to look for reference based on the what the director gave? If you remember he was interested in classic films by Ed Wood, Early German Cinema and especially “The Cabinet of Dr. Calgari” by Robert Weine, also I believe he mentioned classic 1960’s and 1970’s Thai films.

  2. wanmaew says:

    oh! i’m sorry. I totally forgot !! – -”’
    I’ll check those movies real quick ! thank you mr.aaron !

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