[Natcha] 3 selected scenes from the book

I chose these 3 scenes which I think it’s appropriate to make a concept art from the book.

1st Scene “Mystery Mannequin”

Character(s) in the scene: Sombat
Setting: Sombat’s room (After Dead)
When Sombat’s body is getting rotten so much and he cannot go outside. One day, he hears some noises from outside his room. When he takes a look outside, he sees a mannequin from nowhere. He thinks that this would help him, so he secretly grab it inside his room. After that his room will be full of mannequins and more paints and tools. He uses this last chance to make up like human and go to the Immortal.

2nd Scene “Aranya meets Sombat”

Character(s) in the scene: Aranya
Setting: Walking Street
Aranya goes to Walking Street on the day she first meets Sombat. She is choosing a hairpin. Once she finds the one she likes, she is going to get it but someone picks it up before her. He realizes that she wants the same one, so he gives it back. However, Aranya notices that she lose her purse, she gives the hairpin back to the seller and runs out finding her purse.

3rd Scene “Halloween Party”

Character(s) in the scene: Aom, Sombat, Chaliang, and guests
Setting: Disco Club
Aom invites Sombat to Halloween party where everyone dresses in fancy cloth. In my opinion, I think the party was arranged in somewhere like a disco club because of the disco ball in the story. Sombat sees that it is his chance to go see Aom again with no necessary to put any make up on. Once, he goes there, he becomes a center of attention with his rotten body and a hole at the stomach.
Natcha Chaiwongrote
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