3 selected scenes (by cheewapong)

Scene1: Sombut first arrived at zombie world

Description: This is the scene when Sombut was first arrived in zombie world, Aranya then was the one who come to Sombut and tell him that he is now zombie. As Sombut was surprising and stunning, he asked Aranya what happened to him but the elderly zombie was the one who answered him. The elderly zombie then told him everything about this zombie world.

Setting: zombie world

Characters: Sombut, Aranya and elderly zombie

Scene2: Confession scene

Description: This scene is considered as the end of the story, when Sombut finally told Aom that he loved her. But Aom hates the way Sombut looks, all those rotten arms and smelly legs. Finally, Sombut pulled out his heart that still beating and show it to Aom. Aom then rejected and Sombut is decayed into small pieces.

Setting: Sombut’s room

Characters: Aom and Sombut

Scene 3: Mall of Madam Sunny

Description: This is the scene when Sombut went to the mall named “Immortal” to see Madam Sunny, the one that used to live in zomebie world. Immortal mall is the place for the beauty with the slogan “Wanna live forever with me?”. Sombut then meets madam Sunny and realized that her face was fake, probably made up of something like those model and figure that Sombut used to play in his room.

Setting: Immortal Mall

Characters: Madam Sunny, Sombut

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