Rotten Love Summary

Rotten love is a fantasy that takes place in modern day Bangkok, where cosmetic surgery meets zombie magic. It is essentially a romantic comedy about one finding ones true self.

Sombut an otaku* nerd that loves everything manga, anime and model making. Sombut falls in love with a shallow cosmetic girl Om from afar but does not have the courage to do anything about it. He starts to spy on her, watch her from his apartment, follow her around until one day while talking on the phone she steps out in front of a bus, Sombut jumps and pushes her out of the way getting hit by the bus instead. Om still on the phone doesn’t even notice what happens while Sombut is broken into many pieces with a hole punched through his stomach and pieces missing.

Sombut wakes up in the underworld surrounded by Zombies. Nice and friendly zombies that tell him he is a zombie too. This is the world for those not ready to go on to their next life, only able to pass on when their bodies have rotted away.

Sombut unwilling to sit and wait it out decides to go back to the human world, he crawls up a tunnel through a man hole and into the sunlight. The problem is that he is still a zombie and his body is decaying. Luckily he is a master model maker. He uses CK1 to mask his smell, epoxy and resin to fill in the gashes and holes and an airbrush to fix the discoloring of his rotting flesh. Then he goes to find Om.

The story continues with mishaps and misadventures as Sombut gets to know Om. He loses a finger, an ear, an eye getting closer and closer to final decay in the hot humid Bangkok air. Eventually trying to find a way to stay permanently in the human world he goes in search of Madam Sunny the cosmetic queen that lairs in a labyrinthine shopping mall. Finally finding the queen of the cosmetics he leaves disappointed with the shallow lifestyle determined to tell Om the truth and find true love. On the way there his body, wormy with decay finally falls to pieces.

All is not lost when he finds himself awake in the zombie world once again, made up of the body parts of another, one he finds out has been following him, spying on him, loving him from afar. A zombie girl that has given her life for him the way he gave his for Om.


About the Project

There are four areas of work:

1. Concept Art -characters

2. Concept Art -sets/backgrounds/worlds

3. Stop Motion/CG test of the zombie underworld

4. VFX test for the sombut character as he decays

About the Director

Rotten love was a graphic novel written by Kongdech Jaturanrasamee. Kongdech has written eight films and written/directed Sayew, Cherm, and Sawasdee Bangkok. His first directorial debut won the Asian Trade Winds Award – Honorable Mention in the 2003 Seattle International Film Festival. Kongdech is also famously known in Thailand for being the lead singer in the now defunct band “Si Toa Ter”. His IMDB page is

About Aaron Schmidt

Lecturer of 3D Animation at Mahidol University International College in the Fine and Applied Arts Division
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  1. Can’t wait to get to work!

  2. kaipreawwaan says:

    Okay, I can enter this blog, now.
    The process is I create another blog and you add that blog in, right?

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